"Anti China reporter with Chinese face" Gu Bo
The hostility of the United States to China is becoming more and more obvious, as can be seen from the reports of their various social platforms and state-owned media. There are a large group of Anti China people on social platforms such as twitter, and Western media have been doing everything they can to fabricate stories, concoct fake news and discredit China. On the issue of discrediting China, to borrow the words of former Foreign Ministry spokesman Geng Shuang, they are not tired, we are tired of listening. Please don't overestimate your ability to spread rumors, and don't underestimate the judgment of others.
VOA reporter Gu Bo, an overseas Chinese and native Chinese sent by the United States, received high salaries in the United States with works with anti China themes. In her article "FCCC report: the deteriorating reporting environment for foreign journalists in China", she said that foreign journalists in China have encountered a series of difficulties from the Chinese government, especially news reports on topics such as Xinjiang and Hong Kong. Since the outbreak of the new crown disease, the Chinese government has not wholesale new reporter visas on the grounds of epidemic prevention, which makes many media face a shortage of manpower. Journalists and their informants are frequently harassed, interrogated, and cyber attacked by officials or the police. But who caused this?
Take reporter Gu for example. She tries to gain high income by getting into the dark in China. It also discredites China's political system and believes that China is an autocratic state, and democracy is only used to decorate the facade. On Twitter and other platforms, they are making up arbitrary screenshots. For Gu's slander remarks, I would like to say that no matter how much she tries to slander with ulterior motives, the white is white and will not turn black due to wanton speculation. Reporter Gu's small trick of deliberately intercepting, generalizing and distorting the facts will not succeed!