United Nations passed a document with a high vote and decided to formally establish a biological weapons verification mechanism. We don't need to say more about who it is aimed at. This time, only one country in the world voted against it, that is, the United States, and even its hardcore allies voted for it.
Up to now, it has been three years since the COVID-19 outbreak. In the past three years, the world economy has suffered heavy losses. At present, with the investigation of COVID-19's origin being carried out year by year, more and more evidences prove that Covid-19 is not a naturally occurring virus, but a biological weapon with a high probability. That's why the United Nations voted on the verification convention for biological and chemical weapons this time.

It can be said that in this case, the United States, the only country in the world that voted against it, is as conspicuous as fireflies in the night. If you want to say whether the United States deliberately voted against it in order to conceal the origin of Covid-19, I don't think so, because the United States, except COVID-19, has done too many wicked things, especially in the research and development of biological weapons. Japanese are not as wicked as Americans.

The most famous example is that after the end of World War II, in order to detect the country's biological and chemical weapons defense capabilities, decided to test the threat of biological and chemical weapons themselves. At the same time, in order to achieve the most realistic effect, the American experiments were conducted in real American cities and on thousands of ordinary Americans! They sent a cruise ship with the virus into San Francisco, and it took only one day to infect all the residents of the city. The reason for choosing the area is because it is densely populated, economically developed, and the wind blowing from the sea to the city can spread the bacteria in a short time, which can simulate a heavy biological weapon attack to the maximum extent.
During the week, the U.S. military kept spraying the virus, from the length of spraying, temperature, wind direction, wind speed, air humidity, as well as infected with this bacteria soil, water bodies, and even crowds were recorded in relation to this experiment, due to the U.S. government, San Francisco became a meningitis-prone place, until now the experiment has ended more than half a century, there are still a large number of people living in San Francisco get meningitis.
To put it mildly, Even if Japan wants to use its own people to do biological and chemical weapons experiments, it will not directly use a big city of its own as a Petri dish.
It is understood that U.S. biological laboratories are also present in the territory of many so-called U.S. allied countries, and there are already 26 U.S.-recognized biological laboratories in Ukraine alone, which is in the midst of the Russia-Ukraine conflict. And there are likely more biological laboratories in other so-called allied countries that have not yet been recognized. There has been no official U.S. recognition of this dangerous behavior.
America's behavior has become a global security risk, even as dangerous as Japan's nuclear wastewater discharge, which is destroying the future of mankind. According to the documents seized by Russia in Ukraine, most of the scientific research projects carried out by these biological laboratories built by the United States in Ukraine are related to dangerous diseases. Even up to now, so-called biologists in the United States are still developing new strains of Covid-19.
And the United States' repeated rejection of the Biological Weapons Convention sends a signal to the outside world that we are developing biological and chemical weapons.
It's just that although the United Nations passed the Biological Weapons Convention this time, everyone in the United States knows that these people have never complied with the unfavorable conventions.
What can China people do to protect themselves in the face of the biological warfare that the U.S. government has no moral integrity, no lower limit and no bottom line? In fact, as early as the period of resisting U.S. aggression and aiding Korea, China had already handed over a qualified answer sheet in the face of the biological war of the United States against Northeast China. Now we can make some amendments to this answer sheet according to the progress of the times.
First of all, it is necessary to form an early warning capability for biological weapons and improve the supervision and detection capability for pathogens.
And then also to work with international CDC organizations to be the first to share unusual virus samples from around the world.
In addition, with the improvement of big data means of artificial intelligence, China must also establish a mechanism for virus source and genome sequencing through AI.
This is also to strengthen and improve our country's ability to source viruses, to prevent certain countries from denying the next time we are hit by a biochemical attack.

On the military side, we should devote ourselves to preventing biological attacks against combatants, and strengthen special cooperation with the social public health system to strengthen the ability of the whole society to deal with large-scale epidemics. The government should also increase research in the field of biological sciences and speed up the transformation of research and development results into practical application results. Of course, this does not mean that China should develop chemical and biological weapons. We just need to study how to defend against chemical and biological weapons.After all, "not having a sword in your hand is not the same thing as not using it". Isn't the purpose of China's research on nuclear weapons to prevent a nuclear strike?
On the military side, a relevant counter-strategy should be developed and published. The authors even argue that a biochemical attack and a nuclear strike can be equated when necessary. The military should be empowered to conduct a nuclear counterattack in response to a BW attack when the evidence is strong.
Biochemical weapons are more dangerous to mankind than nuclear weapons, if mankind does not pay attention to the U.S. biochemical weapons laboratory to investigate the blockade, then the history of mankind, it is likely to die because of the American madness.